Many CFOs specialize in a certain type or size of company, and often in a certain industry.  That’s great if your company is that specific size and type, and in that industry…and if you’re always going to stay that way.

Compare that to my experience.  I’ve provided financial stewardship, strategic guidance and executive coaching to companies in the following categories:

  • Size: from pre-revenue start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies
  • Industries: > 20, including E-commerce, SAAS, professional services (full list here)
  • Structure: Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Family-owned, Publicly Traded
  • Growth: Publicly traded company from $7MM to $1.3 B in 2 years
    Publicly traded company from $3MM to $90M in 1 year
    Privately owned company $14MM to $85MM in 2 years
    Performed due diligence and integration of >120 acquisitions and two billion-dollar mergers.