It’s a great time to be a tech professional.

Technology jobs, like everything else, will continue to be influenced by the pandemic. The tech sector weathered the lockdowns better than many other sectors because of the pivot to remote work and everything moving online. Tech employees went remote, like everyone else who could, and they thrived and got work done. This reality will help define the future of tech careers and IT departments in most companies.

Earlier this year, the IT sector had already recovered most of the jobs lost to the pandemic lockdowns, and tech workers continue to be in demand. The remote work experiment of the past year has increased the need for flexible cybersecurity talent in addition to cloud, AI, and robotics skills.

Recruiting tech candidates is different from recruiting candidates for many other roles. We have already mentioned that their skills are in demand and if you don’t move quickly enough or offer the kind of work environment they are looking for, they will look elsewhere. You need to tweak your hiring process so that the steps are clear and the process doesn’t get bogged down. If you are upfront with the candidates, it builds trust from the beginning.

Forbes shares tips from industry leaders that include tailoring the pitch for each candidate, much like candidates are expected to tailor their resumes for each interview. Highlight career growth paths and opportunities for tech candidates. Company culture, sharing your passion for the work, and showing that you as a leader care about the people working for you gives a candidate insight into what they can expect if they accept an offer from you.

Flexibility, the next big thing in the new normal, will be key to attracting and retaining top tech talent. Work times and locations will be of major importance to employees who have embraced working from home. Many will be loath to return to a commute to an office where it may be harder to get actual work done. Employers who don’t also embrace that flexibility may find it difficult to motivate the right talent to join them. Companies who have learned the lessons that work happens best where the employee is happy will find it easier to attract quality candidates.

Recruiters who specialize in tech talent can be a valuable addition to your hiring team. They know and understand what jobseekers are looking for, and how a company can compete in a crowded field. Partnering with a recruiter will help your hiring team reach candidates that have solid skills and would be a good fit for your organization. It may just be the boost your company needs to bridge the tech talent gap.