Austin was recently named the best big city to live in by on their Best Big Cities in America list. Part of the reason for this honor is the availability of jobs and economic opportunity. With a current unemployment rate of 2.9%, compared to the national rate of 3.5%, the job climate is good. Add awesome BBQ, live music and access to nature and Austin has something for everyone.

We have written before about the tech boom in Austin and the surrounding area which contributes to the abundance of jobs, especially in tech and STEM. In addition, Austin leads the United States in office job growth as of the second quarter of this year.

A new addition to the Austin tech scene is AlertMedia, a threat intelligence and emergency communication provider. Their move to the top 2 floors of RiverSouth more than doubled the size of their previous offices.

Texas lead the country in tech job growth in 2021 and is poised for the same in 2022, and according to AlertMedia, that is one of the reasons they are expanding here. They hired over 200 employees so far in 2022, which is an 80% expansion of their workforce year over year.

Defense contractor BAE has opened a new facility in an Austin business park this month. The new 390,000-square-foot facility is a modern and collaborative space. The facility houses the company’s electronic systems division and the company plans to double its Austin workforce from 700 to 1400 over the next few years.

Flex, an electronics manufacturing service provider based in Austin, built 20,000 ventilators during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has been backed by the Austin City Council to apply for a refund of State taxes that could result in a $1M boon to the company. They have promised to put the recovered funds to good use by allocating them towards a $20M capital expenditure and hiring an additional 200 Austin employees.

EyeVI Technologies, a geospatial AI-powered digital data production industry, announced that it has opened its United States headquarters in Capital Factory in Austin. It specializes in analyzing roads to predict areas that need urgent maintenance, helping to minimize road maintenance costs.

Austin boasts a business-friendly environment, offering tax incentives to companies who choose to locate here. There is no income tax in Texas, which is appealing to those making a good salary, and Austin has lots of neighborhoods with unique personalities. If hot summers and mild winters appeal to you, the capital of Texas will welcome you with open arms.