The Great Resignation, partly the result of collective soul searching during the pandemic lockdowns, is still very much top of mind.

A year ago, we were talking about the Great Hire, where workers claimed their power to craft positions that better reflected their values and goals. That is still true today. We are back to record employment numbers and job postings that go unfilled for lack of candidates. The April Unemployment rate of 3.6% is the same as March and is only .1% higher than pre-pandemic low rates.

Top talent is still in control. Attracting and retaining the right talent will require recruiters and hiring managers to update their processes to keep up with today’s candidates.

How long does it take from the time a candidate responds to your posting until someone is hired? A lack of transparency during the hiring proceedings will frustrate candidates. Top talent isn’t going to sit around and wait, so make sure your process is as streamlined as possible, and be honest about how long things will take. Be upfront about what to expect during the interview process and what your compensation package and onboarding look like

Most candidates today are very comfortable on social media and with virtual interviews. Hiring teams and recruiters will need to be fluent in the various platforms where candidates are now and offer virtual options for interviewing even as we return to more face-to-face options.

Younger candidates who are joining the candidate pool are much more interested in companies that promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. DEI needs to be baked into every facet of your organization for them to take the effort seriously. Make sure job postings are free of coded language that could inadvertently signal a biased hiring process. Have a panel of interviewers that represent the diversity in your company so candidates can see the commitment to DEI from the outset.

Lack of flexibility is a deal breaker for many candidates. They want flexibility, remote work, and hybrid options. 76% of employees indicate that flex work is a top condition for staying with an employer.

Career growth needs to be part of your culture. If it isn’t, you will have retention issues and top candidates will look elsewhere. Engagement is a priority, especially with remote and hybrid work environments in mind. A culture of inclusion, reskilling, and promoting from within will entice candidates and retain employees.

Promote your organization’s health and wellness policies and programs. Employees and candidates value companies that nurture a culture that prioritizes health and wellness, including mental health. A recent report indicates that 70% of employees enrolled in a company wellness program are more satisfied with their jobs.

As we have mentioned before, hiring the right talent is a business imperative. Talent acquisition is a full time job. A professional recruiter can add needed expertise to your hiring team, bringing fresh recruiting perspectives and new ideas that will energize your recruiting efforts. You have to hire, but you can get help to do it better.