Getting that awesome job with that great company depends on lots of factors, like your education, previous employment history, soft skills and hard skills, your resume and being in the right place at the right time. But it is also about marketing, promoting and selling a unique and valuable product: you.

Your initial reaction may be that your accomplishments speak for themselves and you don’t need to worry about marketing yourself. But realize that you, the entire package, are who someone is hiring for their team, not just your accomplishments. Marketing yourself well makes a hiring manager’s job easier by letting them in on the secret of why you are perfect for the open position.

Get your online spaces in order.

We live in an online world and to market your best self, you need to be aware of how you appear there. Prospective employers are going to research you. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up to date. Highlight your best work. Upload a good, current headshot. Solicit some recommendations from co-workers and past employers. Review any other social media accounts that you have, making sure that nothing in them detracts from your professional accomplishments.

Do your research.

Selling is ultimately all about communication. Knowing your audience and how to speak to them gives you a leg up on the competition. Use LinkedIn to get information on the company that you are applying to, and if possible, on the person who will be conducting your interview. Look for anything that you may have in common with them, or perhaps a special interest of theirs that you share. Use that information to come up with a few good questions that you can ask during the interview.

A resume still matters.

Your resume often precedes you in the interview, and will be what the hiring person has in their hands when you sign off the video call. Make sure it represents you in the best light. If you are changing industries, remove language that is specific to the industry you are leaving. Include language common to the industry you want to enter. Make sure that your transferable skills are prominent, and that your resilience and adaptability are highlighted. Details count, so make sure there are no typos, and the formatting is flawless.

Location, location, location.

Great selling includes great presentation. Video interviews which became a necessity during the pandemic, won’t entirely disappear. They are convenient for both the hiring manager and for candidates. Ahead of the interview, scout out a quiet place with a good internet connection. If the microphone on your laptop is not good quality, invest in a decent microphone so you can be easily understood. Make sure roommates or family members know that you can’t be interrupted. Tidy up the background, removing clutter or inappropriate items or pictures. Dress appropriately, head to toe, just in case you need to stand up during the call. Treat the video interview with the same respect as an in person interview.

Finally, if you are looking for some help with the new job search, consider enlisting the help of a recruiter experienced in your industry. They can provide great advice on who is hiring, which of your qualifications are right for a position, and how to market yourself best to be an attractive candidate. The market may still be tight in 2021, but you can land that great job by selling yourself to your best advantage.