Tech workers are in demand.

An analysis by CompTIA shows that the number of tech job postings is at their highest level in two years. A third of the postings are in emerging tech fields.

With large companies like Facebook and Amazon hiring tech staff by the thousands, and non-tech companies hiring tech talent for their digital systems, how can you attract the right tech talent for your open positions?

Develop Your Tech Brand

About 40% of tech jobs are for companies that do other things, like banking, construction, fashion, or just about anything else. The Pandemic lockdowns demonstrated the need for technology in every company. Keep in mind that tech workers are most likely not your customers. The same brand can’t be used to attract customers for your business and the right tech talent for your positions. Give tech candidates the information that matters to them. Tell them what technology platforms you have and how they will be able to have an impact on the goals of the business. Give them an idea of the scope and complexity of the problems they will be tasked with solving. That is what makes the position compelling to a tech person.

Diversify Your Pool of Candidates

Not every tech role requires top-notch coding skills. Focus on a wider set of skills that predict success in the role. Candidates who possess those skills can be trained in the more technical requirements of the job. Candidates that have taken the initiative to earn a certificate in a technical skill can be excellent additions to your tech staff, and this can open the door to hiring underrepresented candidates. Create a systematic plan for recruiting outside of your usual channels. Really think through the objective requirements for your position, then define specific rubrics for the needed skills to minimize hiring bias.

Be the Company that Top Candidates Want to Work For

Candidates are interviewing your company as you are interviewing them. Millennials and Gen Z candidates want to work for companies with competitive pay and benefits packages, a strong mission, and training and career path options. But those are just the basic conditions they are seeking. According to Bain’s analysis of Glassdoor ratings of tech companies, there are three things that strongly influence a candidate’s decision.

  1. Companies with a commitment to diversity and inclusion are more appealing to top talent. The benefits of a diverse work culture are well documented. Expanding your pool of candidates will help diversify your workforce.
  2. Senior management should be transparent and accountable. Employees want to feel that their work has an impact. If leadership doesn’t support this, you won’t be hiring top talent.
  3. Investment in employees’ growth with a culture of coaching and development is not only attractive to Millennials and Gen Z workers but will also help to fully develop the employees with the right skills but less experience.

It takes time to build a reputation for having a great culture and mission. If your company has recently started building a more inclusive culture that shows it values workers you can still attract the right talent. Incremental changes will show candidates that your company is moving in the right direction.

Consider working with a specialized recruiter to help your hiring department move the needle on more diverse hiring.  A specialist knows what a competitive compensation package includes and where top talent is conducting their job search.  This expert assist will jumpstart your hiring team’s efforts to fill your open positions with the right workers for your business.