The steady stream of bad news and doomsday predictions about climate change, coupled with government inaction are causing eco-anxiety and depression in young people.

Gen Z has been called the “Climate Generation”. They see themselves as the last generation who can make an impact on the climate crisis. They are more likely to feel anxious about climate change and the future of the planet. A survey of 10,000 teens and young adults in 10 countries found that three-fourths of them were frightened of the future.

There is a growing movement fighting against the doomsday prophecies that the world as we know it is ending and humanity is doomed. These climate communicators want people to know that it’s not too late to act on climate change.

Climate communicators believe that if we conclude that it’s too late, we are stuck in the status quo and change won’t happen, so they are working to change the narrative. On social media, they are creating content that highlights more positive climate news and ways that people can take action in their everyday lives. They have found an audience of like-minded people hungry for what they are presenting.

One scientist and climate communicator has taken to TikTok to dispel myths about climate change. Alaina Wood has created content that highlights more positive news about climate change. She combs through news reports and compiles the highlights for her weekly series. In addition, she encourages others to do what they can to be more sustainable in everyday life. Making small changes can help lessen the anxiety because taking action is always better than sitting still.

Another member of this movement on TikTok, a Florida man, posts videos about his followers, mostly kids, picking up trash on beaches and in their hometowns. He is making climate action and sustainability fun and positive, not just some lame thing adults do. He knows it takes a group to effect change, but one person needs to inspire it and get it started. Greta Thunberg is a perfect example of someone who started with a small, personal act that has grown into an international movement.

The Climate Generation is also putting their money where their values are. The majority of Gen Z people entering the workforce are choosing careers that will have a positive impact on the climate crisis. This can be through their chosen field, or it can be by working for companies with strong climate change values.

Gen Z is the generation that will be living with the results of present-day action or inaction. Their willingness to jump in and act will have resounding positive effects on their own mental health and on the health of the planet. They are right, it’s not too late.